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  • Multicam Videos

    The Next Generation

    Professionally edited from master files supplied for free by the filmers. Never for sale, always fun to watch.

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  • Bootleg CD-DVD Artwork


    I have been creating bootleg artwork since 2006 for bands like KISS, Queen, Guns n Roses etc

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  • Photo Galleries

    Concert Pictures

    All photos taken by me during the last few years.

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  • Authoring Projects

    Got some nice TV recordings from a certain band?

    I will author them into a nice looking DVD so you will have a good looking disc instead of seperate files on your pc.

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    Always looking to trade

    Take a look at my want lists and see if there's anything you might be interested in parting with.

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Upcoming Projects

Just finished my latest multicam projects, KISS Milano 2013, Alice Cooper Beacon 2013 and of course the Boxset for KISS KRUISE III Click for more info and YouTube samples.

Right now still looking for angles so I can finish Copenhagen 2013. If you filmed: Please get in touch!

Still not selling anything, but always looking to trade! I started a Wanted list but that is far from complete (yet).

If you got any ideas for a project, just send me an email.



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To all Filmers

If you want to be part of one of my upcoming projects. Please get in touch. I am sure we can work something out.


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